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Make Your Own Shapeable Plastic Flower Kit

Make Your Own Shapeable Plastic Flower Kit

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Product Features:

1. Reusable - Moldable plastic pellets are cost-efficient and waste-free, your models and shapes can be reheated to bring them back to their original pellet form and reused in future projects

2. Simple to use - Moldable Plastic melt in the hot water, you can put moldable plastic pellets in the hot water (About 60-80°C/ 140-176 °F) When pellets become transparent, use a tool to take them out and put them into the molds. You will get some beautiful flowers.

3. Rich accessories - Shapeable Plastic Flower Charms Kit includes 5 bags of scented shapeable plastic net wt 0.7oz (20g) each, 6 flower molds, 3 necklaces, 4 ears hocks 1 plastic stick, and 1 container. 5 Color Pellet kit to allow you to create any color. You can create unlimited colors by mixing and making unique colors of flower

4. Safety and Quality Guarantee - Non-toxic, Fast Dry, Safe material without harmful substances. All melt at the same temperature, have no smell and aren't sticky or hard to mold. Craft Gift for Age 6+

5. Perfect gift - Perfect for art and craft projects at home, school, clubs, and even work. It can be given to children on Christmas, Children's Day, or birthdays to stimulate their hands-on ability and imagination. It's a great gift for the kids.
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